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Mudman Bonsai Company | About Us

About Mudman Bonsai Company,

I was just a kid about eight or nine years old when I saw my first bonsai tree.  I was fascinated to see a tree that looked as old as the 30 and 40 foot trees in my neighborhood, but a tree that only came to my waist.  The movement of the thick trunk, the small leaves and branches.  So delicate, yet it looked strong for its size.  I fell in love with the little trees!

As I grew older, I always had an interest for bonsai trees and when I reached my late twenties, I finally decided to buy my first bonsai tree. I have been training, healing and chopping on bonsai trees for my own personal use, family and friends for twenty five years now.  

As the saying goes "If you do something you love for a living, you never work a day in your life".  So after 35 years of working for a living, I created the Mudman Bonsai Company.  My goal is to help bring my passion for bonsai to other people.  

We post pictures of the actual tree you will be purchasing.  I do not feel posting a generic picture gives you, the customer, the choice in what you find attractive in a tree.  After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  We will work hard to post the exact tree and pot being sold to you.  I feel if you are spending your hard earned money, you deserve to see what you are buying.  I know I would want to see what I was buying.  I believe we would be short changing you if we selected your tree for you.  Part of the fun which brings about that passion is the tree selection process.  That is where it all starts, what do you see in that specific tree.

Mudman Bonsai Company is located in South East Florida and a direct importer buyer for bonsai trees and bonsai supplies originating from China and Taiwan. 

If I can help you in any way, click the link to contact me Mudman


Thank you,



Steve (the Mudman) working on a tree at home