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Unglazed Bonsai Pots

Our unglazed hand made bonsai pots are imported from Yixing China. Yixing bonsai pots are made from Zisha, or purple clay. Although Zisha is not always purple in color. Zisha clay is a kind of rare mineral resource made from compressed sedimentary lake deposits and can be found throughout the Yixing region. There are actually three main varieties of Zisha clay. The most common is the Zini or purple clay. The other two more rare clays are known as Zhuni(red clay), and Banshanlv (greenish) clays. Zisha clay is primarily composed of quartz, kaolin and mica with high amounts of iron oxide, which gives the clay the purple or red color. The high content of metallic oxides in the Zisha clay results in stoneware ranging from purple, red and greenish color. The atmosphere and the kiln temperature being the main culprit of the variations in color.The unglazed bonsai pot retains its natural porous qualities for better moisture absorption, ventilation and drainage.